Subject: Re: Bags
Hi Ziners,

I think we have a consensus - bags must have wheels or be backpackable, no traditional suitcases!

When we travel we walk or use public transportation. I have two small bags. The wheeled one is the older carryon size and has huge wheels that deal with cobbles and stairs. It is a trifle heavy though, but because it is relatively small, I can carry it full if need arises. I have a smaller bag that sits on top of the wheeler - and attaches to the handle of the wheeler with a flat panel. Recently though, I have only been taking the small wheeled bag and a day back pack and counting on hand washing or using a launderette. More is better!

I think you have to decide on the type of trip you are taking. Someday I plan to tour the Greek Islands, island hopping. For that, perhaps a backpack might work better. A colleague traveled from Mont Blanc to Courmayeur by a series of ski lifts and for that, a backpack would have been better! I saw people with "convenient" wheeled luggage on trains but the cases were enormously wide and could not be wheeled down the train corridors. So perhaps we need both?

Frances Toronto, Canada