Subject: Re: Bags
Hi All:

To add to what Frances said, about maybe needing both types ... for me the type of luggage I take depends entirely on where I'm going and the type of travelling I expect to be doing. I have a suitcase on wheels and a cabin bag with wheels that I use for ordinary trips, like last year's jaunt to Australia and Hong Kong or when I visit friends and family in the UK etc. But most of my trips are not that sort, usually to Solomon Islands where I have to travel by dugout canoe, old leaky boats, trucks ... a suitcase on wheels, backpack on wheels, or a regular valise, is just not practical. This year I took a small-ish duffel bag for a trip across Costa Rica (by boat and local bus) and found it far to cumbersome to haul up the extremely narrow and steep stairs of the chicken buses; a backpack on wheels would have been even worse because they're heavier. Next trip, in a similar vein to Costa Rica but in Belize this time, it will be a lightweight backpack all the way. I carry the SLR camera and lenses (fairly heavy) in a day pack - have never come to grips with how to deal with that, but I won't leave home without it.

So, for me, the destination and type of trip is the important factor on whether I go with wheels or without.

Nadine Vancouver