Subject: Re: Books about faraway and not-so-faraway places
Hello literary travelers,

I'm currently reading Tony Horwitz' "Blue Latitudes" an attempt by the author to follow in the footsteps and recapture the adventures of Captain Cook. The book was recommended to me by a docent at the Cook's Cottage in Melbourne. Having already read and enjoyed Horwitz' "One for the Road", the story of his hitchhiking around the Australian continent, I was eager to read of the author's encounters with a variety of cultures. I'm just a bit over half way through the book and Horwitz has visited Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Niue, Tonga, and North Yorkshire. He'll continue on to London, Alaska, and Cook's final destination, Hawaii.

I highly recommend the book not only for its interesting present-day take on these destinations as much as for its outstanding portrayal of a fascinating and enigmatic explorer.

John in San Diego (one of the few places Cook didn't explore).