Subject: Re: Ski season approaches

A few years back I was fortunate enough to ski Arcalis just outside of Ordino in Andorra. The Pyrenees had been getting snow for about a week when the storms cleared for the day I hit the slopes. Fresh powder and sunny skies greeted me as I took the first lift up. Everyone I spoke to that day said it was the best conditions of the season. Although the area was small to medium in size it kept me entertained for the day. Plus being one of the highest in elevation (for the Pyrenees) the snow conditions were very good. We found Ordino to be a charming little town. My wife opted out of skiing that day preferring to spend some time swimming in the very nice local health club.


Keep me informed on your possible trip to Mammoth Mountain. If I can maybe I'll jet up there and we can have the first on-the-slopes Ziner GTG.

John in San Diego where it snowed in the local mountains yesterday