Subject: Re: Poland
Hi Pat and Leslie,

I am afraid that Zakopane never was a site of the Olympic Games :( There were World Cup Alpine Ski races years ago ( 1939 and 1974, the last one won by an Spaniard ...), and the ski jumping is very strong.

Pat, you should pick up a copy of LPīs Poland. It is a very decent guide and it will give you a good view of the country. My brother travels there very often, and one thing he always says is that if you can travel by train, do it. Roads havenīt improved a lot, and a car ride from Warszaw to Krakow can be much longer (almost double the time) than with the train. Also, train tickets are cheap. is a helpful site, and it has a link to the online timetable of the polish railways (but you should know the correct polish names of the stations).

And a couple of good links to begin with :

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain