Subject: Re: Poland
Hi Pat and other Ziners!

I've a wealth of info from the Polish National Tourist Office ( and Orbis, Polish Travel Bureau ( for I'm considering this for next year. My tentative plan is to fly to Warsaw, then take the train to Krakow (a lovely old city) and stop at Posnan on enroute Berlin, where I'll fly to where ever. My husband's family came from Posnan, which is why the interest there - it's also an interesting place that has switched from Prussia to Poland depending. I may do this for Xmas next year. As I work on this itinerary, I'll keep you posted. But from all I've read and hear, it's an good place to explore. There are lots of outdoor things, if you're a hiker or skiier.

Good luck with your plans! jo, in sunny but nippy Sunnyvale!