Subject: Re: Itinerary for Italy
Hi Katie,

Why are you choosing to fly into Paris? Why visit Normandy for one day? Why not focus more on Italy - lots to see, that's for sure! If you are traveling from Paris, I would try to fix my route and timing to get the most of the mountain journey.

Half day trips to Milan and Verona may be feasible. Bear in mind that Milan is a very large city. Verona is smaller and you can see the most important sites more easily. We did whistlestop tours to a few places some years ago and it does work but it can be tiring. I suggest that you travel through the lunch hour, if possible, eating a picnic lunch on the train. Then you have the afternoon to visit your destination.

Rome is amazing and needs more time. You might take a daytrip to Pompeii and then spend the evening in back in Rome. I am sure that others can comment on hotel choices.

I don't think that Cortona is easy to fit into your circuit of towns (Montalcino, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni). It would be easier to fit in Montepuliciano. But your time would be quite full with the towns you suggest and Siena.

Frances Toronto, Canada