Subject: Re: Itinerary for Italy
Hi Frances and fellow Ziners,

> Why are you choosing to fly into Paris? Why visit Normandy
> for one day?

I will actually be going on a 24 day Contiki Tour of Europe beforehand and arriving back in london on the 7th of January. My mother will be flying in to meet me on that day then and together we will be going to Italy. Being our first trip to Europe she would love to see Paris as well so thats why we are making the stop. As for Normandy, The hotel was recommended by our travel agent and it looked pretty interesting - a French castle with moats. A bit of a pamper thing :)

> Rome is amazing and needs more time. You might take a
> daytrip to Pompeii and then spend the evening in back in Rome.
> I am sure that others can comment on hotel choices.

I will actually be spending about 2 nights in both Rome and Florence on the Contiki tour. Hopefully this will let me get an idea of the city so when I go back there with my mum we will be able to see a bit more. I'd also really like to see Naples because of the recommendations i have read on here as well as really, really wanting to taste the pizza.

> I don't think that Cortona is easy to fit into your circuit
> of towns (Montalcino, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni). It
> would be easier to fit in Montepuliciano. But your time
> would be quite full with the towns you suggest and Siena.

I'm still looking into those cities as to what we'd like to see in them. My travel agent originally only allocated 2 nights in Sienna which would have been even worse. I'll be seeing her this afternoon to talk to her more.

We'd really like to get a taste of tuscany and my mum saw a picture of Monteriggioni in my travel book and she'd really like to see some of that area. Can you make some suggestions as to a route we could take to see as much as we can (at not too much of a rushed pace) in the three nights.

Thanks for your tips so far, looking forward to reading more!!

Katie, Brisbane, Australia