Subject: Re: How I get my travel fix

Well, since 1998, I've been traveling riding my motorcycle (102341 kms so far. Not enough. I want more.) and lately, I've been plannig my trips on a very empiric manner. I hang a map of Europe on the wall and throw a dart at it (in a figurative sense, obviously). Wherever it hits the map, that's where my next travel we'll be.

This year, I hit the very heart of Italy. But I had to teach summer courses, so I postponed it. It is not a very organized way of travelling, I admit that much, but it has allowed me to discover the most incredible places.

I'm a young rider, so this how I do my planning. If I was a old rider, I would pick a direction and go.

Biker Wisdom: Young riders pick a destination and go... Old riders pick a direction and go.

Bye Rui from Lisbon