Subject: Re: Itinerary for Italy
Hi Marco,

Yes, I'm aware that it will probably be snowing in Tuscany when we drive through but we hope that it will still be nice. I canīt really get away any other time of the year because of university commitments and then next year job committments. I'm hoping to still have a great time. I had a look at the weather for that type of year and found that it didnīt rain as much (probably because itīs snowing) so at least thereīs that.

I'll bear in mind about Milan. I'm kind of thinking that there'd not be much time to look at much either. I wish we had more time to see everything but I guess that the first trip is always to wet the tastebuds for further years. Unfortunately, being only 21 it will probably be years away.

Thanks for the help so far.

Katie Brisbane, Australia