Subject: Colonial Mexico in January
Dear Travelzine...

Since it's now possible to fly nonstop from Portland to Guadalajara, my wife and I have decided to take a break from Oregon's long gray gray gray winter and go South.

We've traveled to Europe several times but Mexico, as close as it is to us, seems almost more foreign and exotic than Prague... but that may just be me.

So we need advice. We don't want to rent a car, we plan to send about ten days, and we don't care much about the beach. We prefer to find a spot and settle in and take modest excursions from there. We don't demand luxury and couldn't pay for it anyway.

We do like food, art, music and folk culture, open air markets and small hotels (with some kitchen facilities if possible.)

I have a small file of entries from the group and in it are several from John Rule. In one entry he mentions Morelia and describes it in a way that seems to make it sound like the kind of place we have in mind. But maybe not; we're open to other suggestions. We are in the early stages of putting this plan together, (and counting frequent flyer miles.)

I'm using the Moon Pacific Mexico guide as a primary source of information. With more specific prompts I can also consult TheTravelzine archives.

Thanks... John Stayton