Subject: Re: Itinerary for Italy
Dear Katie,

I am not sure what neighborhood your Paris hotel is in, but I choose mine by neighborhood. There is a lot of information in the Zine archives about picking a neighborhood in Paris.

About Rome: I don't care to stay in the Termini neighborhood because it just isn't as much fun or as attractive as many other places in Rome. The Campo de Firori, Piazza Navona, Pantheon and Piazza di Spagna neighborhoods are my favorites. For a two day visit, I would want to be in the heart of the fun, where the best places to eat, shop, browse and people watch are. Some of this depends on what your goals for Rome are.

About Best Westerns: It isn't wise to reject Best Westerns because they really aren't a "chain" in the way that one might think. Instead, most are individually owned hotels under the booking umbrealla of Best Western.

I suggest you search each of the cities and towns on the Zine, and your various hotels on tripadvisor. com. also has any hotel ratings from people who have stayed in the properties, as does for Italy hotels.

Can your agent give you feedback on the location of your hotels, and the size? Also, if you give us your price range, maybe folks can suggest places for you. Reasonable to one person is often luxurious to another, and vice versa.

Back to Paris: Montmartre wouldn't be my choice of neighborhood for a quick visit. I would want something more central. Sandy has given you some excellent resources, and I know that the Zine archives have terrific recs in the 5th, 6th and 7th at what seem to me to be decent rates.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh