Subject: Re: Itinerary for Italy
Hi Katie and Ziners,

There are many on this List who are extremely knowledgable about Italy whereas we have only visited once so I'll leave most suggestions to others.

However, in terms of visiting Pompeii (which IMHO is well worth a good long visit) you do have several options. Rome to Naples and then to Pompeii would be a very tiring day but, if I understand you correctly, you are thinking of spending a day and a night in Sorrento and Pompeii is a very short ride on the local train from there. We didn't find Sorrento itself to be terribly interesting but it is a central spot for visiting many sights. - In fact, we spent a day in Naples whilst staying in Sorrento.

This sounds like a wonderful trip for both you and your Mother.Have fun.

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC