Subject: Travel to Toronto
Hi Ziners,

Here is the deal: I am flying my mother (62 y.o. in Minneapolis) and my boyfriend and I (in Atlanta) to Toronto for a conference in late June. I am paying for the hotel and the airfare/transportation and so I am looking for a way to get us all there as inexpensively as possible without adding too much hassle or the risk of missing connections.

How easy/expensive is it to get from Rochester Airport to the Amtrak Station (Depew) and then take the train to Toronto? (Flying everyone to Rochester would save over $400 after cabs and other fares.)

What about a The Breeze from Rochester? How easy/expensive to transport us all from the Airport to the the Ferry? It looks to be more fun than the train.

Or is all this just making more trouble for myself? We'd have to time our flights just so, get ourselves somewhere in time, add time to the trip, etc. Should I just pay $500+ pp and fly us straight to Toronto?

Thanks, Alex Atlanta, GA