Subject: Re: Colonial Mexico
Hello John,

With amazing help from Ziners and in particular from John Rule, my husband and I toured the Colonial cities last February.

We spent a few days here and there and did a circle tour to and from Guadalajara but if I'm understanding correctly, you would prefer to settle into 1 place and tour a bit from there.

May I suggest San Miguel Allende as a place to dig in for a while? From there you can easily take tours or a bus to Guanuato and to Querataro and I'm certain you will find San Miguel itself to be very charming.

In TheTravelzine archives (hotel suggestions) you will find a recommendation from John Rule of the Casa Carmen in San Miguel. We did not stay there but wish that we had done so. As far as I know, there are no kitchens but both breakfast and lunch are included in the very reasonable rates.

Of course, don't miss spending a few nights in Guadalajara also. It is a wonderful historic City.

To get from Guadalajara to San Miguel would be quite a lengthy bus ride, I think, but the Mexican 1st class bus service is very good and we were especially pleased with the ETN line. Or maybe you are thinking of flying between the 2 places, I don't know if that is possible.

We did stay in Morelia for 3 nights (and had an especially wonderful day at the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary) but my personal opinion is that San Miguel might be better for your purposes.

I'm looking forward to hearing other Ziner opinions on this.

By the way, do try to learn a few Spanish words (unless you are Spanish speaking already) You'll have no trouble with English only in San Miguel but to use the buses and to go to some smaller areas, a bit of Spanish will be very, very helpful.

If I'm able to answer any more questions, I'd be delighted to do so.

Regards Judy Abbotsford BC