Subject: Paris Hostels
Greetings Gail and fellow Ziners,

Here is an answer to the recent post regarding hostels in Paris. I only included hostels that had a email address.

The first line has the name, price in euros and the descriptive for the hostel that the book gave. The next line is the email address.

My son is leaving for Europe next week for two months. I got these from his hostel book, so they are current.

Aloha Hostel 18-22 euros "Small"

Auberge Jules Ferry 19 euros "Strict"

Auberge Le D'Artagnan 20 euros "Lively"

AubergeLeo Lagrange 19 euros "Quiet"

Fiap Jean-Monnet 23-50 euros "Educational"

La Mason Hostel 19-24 euros "Okay"

Le Village Hostel 22-25 euros "New"

Woodstock Hostel 19-22 euros "Hopping"

I hope this helps, Frank Garcia, California