Subject: Re: Colonial Mexico in January
Dear John,

For 7 days in Feb.2004,a friend and I went to Colonial cities of Mexico. They included Queretaro, San Miguel de Allende,and Guanajunto. Since I was not going any place exotic,this was my expensive trip for the year.We flew into Leon and had a car with driver waiting for us,cheaper,are good buses to our next city of Queretaro. This is a city famous for it's colonial buildings and an easy city to walk in. We of course stayed in an up scale hotel in central city.But there is many other hotels. Next,we had a driver pick us up to take the long road to San Miguel. And this is the rub, our favorite city(place) was Mineral de Pozos and I don't think there is a bus to get here. It is an old mining town with character and many picture moments.We had lunch at nearby San Luis de La paz which was delightful. Next we drove to Dolores Hidalgo and after the other sites of the day we could not get out soon enough, very disappointing.In San Miguel we stayed at Casa Schuck which also has kitchettes up the hill. In that,it would be a good place to put roots and travel around. Last,I stayed one night in Guanajunta and was pleasantly surprised. Their zocolo is really a town square where EVERYONE comes on Friday and Saturday night for music and fun. There are two different types of bands playing for the enjoyment of ALL.So for you, you could add Guadalajara and still enjoy the trip.

Wilma from snowy Kansas City.