Subject: Re: Michelangelo's Florence
Hello Harry and like-minded Ziners,

Run, call, or email your favorite bookseller and order Charles J. Washington's "Michelangelo: In the Footsteps of the Master." I ordered it from Barnes & Noble.

The trip you are talking about is laid out for you in this book. He tells how to travel to all the places Michelangelo touched down in. He also supplies the name and contact information of the person he hired to take him to some of the more out-of-the-way places around Florence.

It not only is a guide; it is an interesting book to read. I have made up my mind to follow these footsteps as much as possible when I take my next trip to Italy, my 10th. I lent the book to my 89 year old uncle who has been to Italy eight times and has a great interest in Michelangelo. His reaction was I wish I could do this. I hope this information can help with your trip plans.

A presto, Joan in Rockford