Subject: Coming trip to Tunisia
Hi Ziners,

A new trip is coming as well as new questions for you, travellers.

I'm going to Tunisia for 3 weeks at the end of the year, I made some studies and I've set a roughly itinerary:

Fly into Tunis and stay 3 full days in the area, El-Kef for 3 days, Sbeitla 1 day, Tozeur 2 days, Matmata area for 2 full days, Sfax 1 days, Sousse 3 days (taking day trips to Kairouan) than back in Tunis for my flight out.

Please take into account that: the days indicated are to be intended full days so they don't include the mouving days; I'm mouving around by public transports (no own car); I would skip too touristic place (like Djerba island) since I'd have a taste of Tunisia and not a taste of "little Italy" (Tunisia is a well known destination for Italians, expecially Djerba, Monastir and Hammamet). I'm looking for a cultural trip and not a relaxing holidays. At the and, I'm aware that it could be snowing in El-Kef.

Anyone has comments on the itinerary ? I found some troubles finding information about El-Kef, anyone has experience in that city ? Anyone have been in a hotel there to advice me about ? Indication on worth restaurants are welcome.

Comment are welcome as well.

Thank you, Marco in Milan - Italy