Subject: Re: Copenhagen questions
G'Day Ziners, especially Lucy,

Copenhagen is a lovely city in a lovely country, if you are like me, Tivoli Gardens will be low on the list of things to do. Sure, its one of the things which first springs to mind when you mention Kobenhavn, but its a funfair/leasure park after all, which is a contrived atmosphere entirely, though very well done for all that.

For my money, a wander along Stroget, and supper in one of the many great restaurants, particularly around Nyhavn, would be an excellent way to spend a too-short stay in this city. If you like walking, the stroll along the seafront, from Nyhavn up past the Lilhafrau (mermaid) to the Kastellet earthen fort) would be magic. This seems to be a favorite pastime of many of the locals, as well as tourists, and I can well appreciate why. Apart from that, any half-hour strolling through the streets of the old town should be memorable.

But, I'll admit I LOVE walking, and have no time for gloss and glitter.

By the way, make sure you look out the windows on your approach to Kaastrup airport - I have never got used to the sight of all those power windmills in the ocean around Amager. Probably over a hundred.

Paul, in stinking hot Sydney.