Subject: Re: Paris Hostels
hello ziners!

a while back i'd read a request for recs re hostels in paris, and then thought i fleetingly saw a suggestion for the young and happy. it may have changed a great deal since i was there, but since 1997, when i stayed there with one of my closest friends, the "young but oh so unhappy" has been a long-standing joke...the kind that is funny when you no longer have to close your eyes and try to touch nothing but the water while in the shower. it was dank, foul, and really noisy. about a year ago, i was hostelling it once more and i stayed at the mije in the marais, which is also quite noisy (there seems to be an eternal stream of german high schoolers who play unbelievably bad music at unbelievably high volumes), but at least it's clean.

taking a little thanksgiving break from hard-core studying and looking forward to cuba over winter vacation!! best, jeannine