Subject: Re: New Zealand South Island
Hi Harry,

About a month ago I posted a response to the Zine about my 2 weeks in New Zealand's beautiful South Island in October 2000. I do list as many of the options I took back then as I could remember!

I am not sure how travelling in a campervan will translate to the times and distances of trips I made using buses and trains back then. Obviously you will have more flexibility in some places with a campervan and not so much in others.

There are lots of adventurous options - glacier walking on Fox or Franz Joseph Glacier on the mid-west coast; bungy jumping/horse riding/jet boat rides in Queenstown. And of course there are more relaxing options too - punting on the Avon in Christchurch, day trips and bus tours, exquisite scenery almost everywhere you turn. New Zealand is breathtakingly overwhelmingly beautiful!

A couple of driving tips though - I seem to recall the bus ride to Fox Glacier was a bit hairy on some roads, and the end of the bus ride down into Queenstown was a series of frighteningly tight hairpin bends on such a steep slope that I was terrified the bus would take a short cut and go end- over-end! I guess the best tip is to seek advice on your choice of route before committing!

I have only been there the once and just for 2 weeks but I *love* New Zealand. I hope you have a great trip! :) Megan Brisbane, Australia