Subject: Planning a Trip to China 2005
Hi Ziners,

I am planning a two week trip to China in 2005 for a group of four. Based on information I found in Travelzine discussions, I contacted Jasmine Adventure Tours. Jasmine has pulled together a tentative itinerary for our group including Beijing, Xi'an, Yangtze Cruise, Guilin, Yangshuo (by bicycle) and small amounts of time in 2 other villages.

Since we will be traveling as an "independent" group with private guides, not part of a tour group, our schedule is flexible to change (before it is finalized of course). With our limited time in mind, is there some place we r-e-a-l-l-y need to see instead of one of the villages listed above? I feel very good about Jasmine's efforts on our behalf but I am curious if anyone else has traveled independently in a trip set-up by Jasmine.

Thanks for your help and interest!!

Beverly Smith Knoxville, TN