Subject: Late January in Santa Barbara?
Dear Folks:

I was thinking of going to Santa Barbara for a week getaway this winter. We visited once a number of years ago and remember enjoying a small nature center that meandered around a large pond right across from the ocean and finding other places to walk outdoors. This time I would like to do that, and maybe seek out some other nearby places, wineries, and see some scenery.

So what can one usually expect during the winter months in Santa Barbara weather wise?

Also any recommendations for places to stay that might have kitchen or at least enough space to lounge with a nice breakfast. We stayed at the Upham last time and that was ok, but not what I am looking for this time. Any condos along the shore? We also stayed overnight at the Santa Barbara Inn right across from the beach but it seems it is getting many negative reviews these days on tripadvisor.

We love California. Were just in and around LA and Laguna Beach over Thanksgiving so missed that recent S. Cal get together by a week or so. Anyone around from SB area?

Thanks for any input. Maddy Northampton, Mass.