Subject: Re: Sleeping on Overnight Flights
Hello Ziners!

I follow suggestions made by about everyone so far: good sleep the night before, compression socks, use the U-shaped dealies, meditate, whatever! I also will take melatonin if necessary, though rarely have to. But rather than a window seat, I aim for an aisle seat in the rear. If there are any empty seats they will be center ones in the back as they tend to fill up window and aisle front to back and then fill in the center, front to back. I've been fairly lucky in having an empty next to me which means I can spread out, even if I have to share. I would rather be on the aisle so I have access and can sprawl.

A couple of times, I really have lucked out with bulkhead aisle seats with an empty next to me!

The best alternative is to upgrade to economy plus or business class. Or fly Singapore Air! (Or bring a boring book!)

Good luck! Jo, still in Sunnyvale, CA.