Subject: Re: Sleeping on Overnight Flights
Fellow Ziners, I also have ideas on this one. Having moved to the US from Australia some 35 years ago I have made countless trips "across the big pond", as well as to my beloved Italy. I think we all have our ways of finding comfort.

Important for me is regularly getting out of my seat walking to the back of the plane where I can do some limited exercise of my legs. Also water is very important. I do not drink alcohol on the flight. While pleasant I have found it dehydrating on such a long flight. I do use the U shape pillow as it supports my head. Ear plugs help to avoid the distraction of conversation. I do move to get more space and I try and sleep with the safety belt attached on the outside of my blanket. That way you do not have to wake up and buckle up.I limit my carry on and keep my floor area free of purses etc. Using FF miles to upgrade is definately good use of miles for me. Like most Ziners as I age I find these little tricks make the trip albeit long much more agreable and of course seeing the smiling faces of my large family waiting to greet me at Sydney airport makes it all worth the trip.

Gay LeJeune Huntsville Alabama