Subject: Re: Sleeping on Overnight Flights
Hi Ziners, I am also one of the fortunate few who can sleep anytime and anyplace. What I find most irritating is not being able to raise my legs in the limited space available on airplanes, so I stash a small bag under the seat in front of me and put my feet on it for a bit of elevation. After the meal (with a glass of wine), blow up the portable neck pillow, use the airline pillow and blanket for more comfort, dial into the classical music channel on the flight audio and it's "Good night Irene" for me.

Of course those sleepers in Business Class are really the way to go and my experience of these has been great, except when the hostess insists on waking you up for more food. I'd rather skip the food for the sleep.

On a flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong, I missed my sleep because the movies were so good (!) and the scenery over the Russian peninsula so spectacular. Felt really awful the first day in HK, so I wouldn't do that again.

Lucy, Toronto