Subject: Tour of Sicily
Hi all,

My wife, daughter, and I are starting to make plans for our next trip to Italy, which will be at the end of May. It will last three weekends and two weeks. The second week will definitely be spent in our own view of paradise, i.e., Florence. We want to spend all or most of the first week in Sicily.

Going against our rule about not taking tours other than ones within a city, we are looking for one we can pick up on or shortly after arrival that will cover Palermo and one or two other cities such as Taormina. We are open to arrival city, but Rome or, especially, Naples seems best. We would then like to pick up a tour there (on the mainland) or either fly or take a hovercraft to Sicily and pick up the tour there.

Have any of you had any experiences with tours of this kind and can give your personal reaction on the quality of the tour? I don't need web sites unless they are associated with a recommended company. The problem is that there is a plethora of tours, most of which don't meet our needs.

Thanks in advance. Ira H. Bernstein Arlington, TX