Subject: Drop the itinerary
Rui and Ziners interested in Ernest Hemingway,

As Sue wrote, Michael Palin tracked Hemingway and wrote "Michael Palin's Hemingway's Adventure". We went to his reading when he was in Toronto a few years ago and it was a wonderful "adventure". He became enthralled with Hemingway when he (Palin) was a child and travelled to many places as a result.

I'm not a Hemingway fan but have found myself in many places that he frequented (Oak Park, Key West, Paris and Pamplona and, of course, Toronto where he lived for a while) but my favourite spot is a bar in Madrid (have no idea what it's called) where he drank before heading out to the festival in Pamplona. We discovered this place because we met a man at the Prado who knew Papa's friends and he took us there. We were sceptical at first until we went to his apartment and saw the proof. Subsequently we found out that he was a world-renowned sculptor who did move with Hemingway's crowd. It was one of those times when we threw caution to the wind and we have wonderful memories as a result. Our new friend encouraged us to take in the beauty of the bullfight and to spend some time in Pamplona for the fiesta. Both of these experiences were new to us and we are happy to remember them as highlights of our visit to Spain.

There are times when you have to forget the agenda and go with the flow. We have done this a number of times and have wonderful memories.

So, Ziners, what have you done that is out of your normal experience that you remember and that led you to new experiences that you would repeat or recommend?

Lucy, Toronto