Subject: Re: Christmas gifts for the traveller
Hello Lucy, Well, my husband needs a new tropical weight Tilly hat and I wouldn't mind a set of Tilly silks for my posher evenings in SEA. Mind you they may not look quite so sophisticated with my trekking sandals! We are buying each other Eagle Creek rolling backpacks only 22" for 4 months, Linda will be proud of me! On my China trip the Chinese airlines stamped my check in bag with a warning to the baggage handlers about the weight. I was mortified and have not used that bag since. A great stocking stuffer is those little neck scarves filled with some sort of crystal which when soaked in cold water swell up and remain cold for days. It is amazing how a cool scarf around the neck can cool you down quickly and keep you more comfortable in extreme heat. They are also great worn as a bandana if you have a headache. Tilly sell an Australian brand but you often see other makes at half the price in travel stores or craft shows. If I knew exactly what the filling is I would buy some and make them. Get them for the golfers and hikers on your list too. Regards Sue Waterloo ON