Subject: Re: Tour of Sicily
Hi Ira,

If I understand you right, you're looking for a tour which will cover Palermo and Taormina at the same day. I think it's almost impossible, because of the distance between both and of the richness of sites in Palermo as well as in Taormina. In Palermo you don't need any tour - walk on your own, than you can pick up an urban bus to the Basilica of Monreale and to finish the day in Cefalu. Though including of the latter can be too difficult. Again, you can see a lot without spending money on tours and binding yourself to a group. The guided tours are recommended if you have no car and want to get the Roman villa in Piazza Armerina.

Here are my recommendations for your 1 week stay:

Palermo, Monreale, Cefalu,

Isole Eolie (at least 2 days arrive early at the morning to take 9- 10 am boat trip s to the island and come back on the next day to take another day trip which will finish at about 18:00, so you can pick up a boat to the mainland; don't miss Stromboli! active volcano and hot bathes of Volcano)


Piazza Armerina - the villa itself worth the whole visit of Sicily!!!



Sincerely, Alex Elbert