Subject: New Member Intro

I'm Dick (Richard) Smith, Senior Citizen from Arlington, near Boston, MA.

A large chunk of my life has been spent outside the US, in the Army (5 1/2 years in Germany right after WW II), 25 trips to Japan (totaling about 2 years) where I helped former a Sister City relationship, 8 trips to China via a Japan-China Sister City relationship.

Since 1993, I've been working off and on in various former Soviet republics (Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine), Eastern Europe (Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria), and Egypt (totaling about 4 years).

Over the past few years, my wife and I have traveled in Africa (Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya), South America (Peru, Ecuador - including Galapagos), New Zealand and Australia, and Europe (Italy, UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Berlin, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Holland). In January, we are planning our first visit to Portugal.

Dick Smith