Subject: Re: tourist or traveler

>It suggested that those who want to
>see the great places of Europe were tourists and those who
>wanted to travel the less-common path were travelers.

It is not a matter of what you go 'to see' - and by using that term - "going to see" something that indicates a tourist approach. We've heard it a thousand times - its not the end of the journey but how you get there. When I was really travelling I would never stay at a hotel populated by tourists, almost never have reservations, always travel by local transportation - often hitching, eat with locals, try to stay where the locals stay, do things with locals. I'd take in the key sights, of course, but not in an air conditioned bus with a tour guide.

Each of us can decide on our own if we are tourists or travelers but we travelers knew who we were and i certainly say that with tongue in cheek because, really, we are all tourists. That point was brought home anytime i'd be asked about the cost of the parka I'd be wearing and that cost was more than that person would make in 3 months or, better, the cost of the airfare to reach a particular place.

harold, washington, dc