Subject: Re: Tourist versus traveler?

I've always considered myself a traveler rather than a tourist. Though I've travelled to many places "off the beaten path" (Vietnam, Russia, etc) I don't agree with the writer that a trip to Europe makes one more a tourist rather than a traveler.

In my opinion, a traveler has more of a desire to get into the everyday pulse of a place and it's residents, while tourists are generally more determined to make sure they get to all the "must see's" so they can be checked off "the list".

Another thing I've noticed is often a tourist makes negative comparisions about things not being done "the way we do it at home". I relish those differences and feel it's part of the pleasure and eye- opening appeal of travel. Learning that others have different styles of plumbing or methods of selling a train ticket or simply serving a sandwich, makes everyday acts feel different and gives me a different frame of reference when I return home.

Candice NYC