Subject: Re: Best seating on airplanes?
Hi Tom,

Am I the only one in this group that flies coach?

I'm sure that I won't be the first to mention , where you can check out specifics of seat configurations for every airlines' planes. They also throw in information about the viewing angle for movie screens and which seats are located near bathrooms and gathering areas.

My wife and I used to always ask for aisle seats across from each other, but now that most of our flights are non-stop from San Francisco to either London or Paris, and United Airlines uses either 777s or 767s on those routes, we've been re-thinking our selections, mainly because of those d*#m silver boxes under the 777 seats that take up so much leg room. (Someone told me that they're there because Boeing could never make the seat-back video system work as originally designed.) Is it misplaced nostalgia or were the old DC- 10s and L-1011s more spacious? I say bring back the piano lounges!

And while I'm venting: Whenever I see people sleeping on planes I'm so jealous that I want to wake them up! Ok, I've never done it (I try not to even turn on my overhead light if the person next to me is sleeping) but I've harbored many evil thoughts as I suffer through my sleepless 10-hours. At least my noise-canceling headphones allow me to watch movies without getting headaches any more (the sore ears are worth it.)

Regards(Yawn), Al Sonoma, CA, USA