Subject: Re: Tour of Sicily
Hello Ziners.

Reading Alex Elbert's reply to my post about a tour of Sicily shows me that I was not as clear in phrasing my question about a tour of Sicily as I should have been. I do not need to know about the geography of Sicily, the points of interest (but Mr. Elbert's suggestions about places to visit were much appreciated), and what can be covered in a day. I have done a lot homework on that. This will also be our 11th trip to Italy, so we are fairly familiar with the mainland.

What I need to know is of a multi-day tour that someone has taken that they have enjoyed. I assume that nights were spent in different cities.

We have around a week to spend in Sicily before moving on to Florence and, possibly, other cities, e.g., Rome.

The entire stay in Italy will last around 17 days, the usual amount of time we spend in late Spring. We also might start our tour by arriving in Palermo. A major interest is in starting the trip in Sicily rather than ending it there because it is warmer in Sicily than Northern Italy and temperature changes are noticeable over that time period.

As an alternative, has anyone hired a driver to show them the island?


Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas