Subject: Re: Tourist vs. traveler?
Hi, Ziners... I think that one difference between being a tourist and a traveler is how much preparation you do. I think a tourist has a travel agent do all the work, and they just show up, having done little or no research. I think a traveler finds out as much about an area as they can, so they actually know much about the area before they get there. Also, I think a traveler is willing to break out of the tourist areas and see parts of a city that a tourist might not. For example, in Paris, a traveler might be willing to go to the 16th arrondissement and out to the 20th arrondissement, rather than just seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées, and Notre Dame. A traveler might seek out restaurants in out of the way places, frequented by mostly French, rather than eating in well known restaurants that cater to tourists. As another Ziner put it...a traveler "immerses" themselves in the local culture.

Best, Sandy in Illinois