Subject: Re: Best seating on airplanes? (And sleeping on planes)

We always assemble a "First Class" amenities carry-on bag for ANY flight, as one never knows how long our time will actually be on board. Despite the bulk, we have at least one down feather standard size pillow, which can be shaped and fitted to meet the needs of OUR bodies. It can be compressed to unimaginably small size. Then, for sleeping (per person) one set of foam rubber noise suppressors and/Walkman, earbuds, tranquil music CD; expensive eye mask (which is comfortable for long term wear and shuts out all light), medical mask, wet wash cloth (with a mild soap) & face cloth, and Unisom/Maalox/Asprin. In our amenities bag we always have a frozen bottle of water (which will have partly melted by boarding), a drink of choice (beer, soda or wine), sandwiches, chips and cookies. Depending upon the lenght of the flight, the snack can be expanded into a meal. This way, we never have to wait on a flight attendant to come by to provide us with a much needed drink, snack or medication. And, even if there is a crying baby in the seat behind up, we can crank up the relaxing music or snug the noise suppressors in even deeper. If we can squeeze it in, we will also include a foam pillow with durable cover, which we can place under our feet to raise them to a level which makes the seat comfortable enough to actually stretch out - full length. Yes, we often get amazed looks from our fellow coach passengers when we start digging out our portable "First Class" upgrade amenities. But, when we've been seated on the tarmac for an hour, waiting for clearance for takeoff with the attendants in their seats, and we are finishing off a smoked turkey sandwich or a bowl of mixed fresh fruit, the amazement turns to envy.

It's worth whatever we have had to transfer to a checked luggage, to have our luxury at our fingertips. And, you know what, at the end of the trip, that carry-on is always so much lighter! HA-HA.

Roy, Wanda & Dena