Subject: Re: Christmas in San Francisco
Hi Ziners-

Today's Sunday LA Times Travel section has a great article on Christmas in San Francisco. Lots of good suggestions and ideas for things to do. They usually have unrestricted access on the day of publication and then you have to sign up after that...but it is free.

When I lived in "The City" one of my favorite things to do on Christmas eve was to spend a few hours riding the cable car lines. Everyone sings Christmas Carols and there is something magical about singing with strangers as you rattle up and down the hills serenading one and all.

Don't neglect Marin County just accross the GG bridge. There are a number of wonderful small hotels in Sausalito, Tiburon and Mill Valley, only twenty minutes from downtown. The Mill valley Inn and the Aqua hotel are two of my favorites. Great fun to experience these areas and drive back and forth across the most beautiful bridge in the world. I particularly recommend a dinner at one of the charming waterfront restaurants in Sausalito at sunset. Your view is looking back at The City with Alcatraz and Angel islands in the foreground. As the lights come on in The City and the fog rolls in under the GG bridge "on little cat's feet" you will experience one of life's most memorable moments.

Harry Still missing living in SF