Subject: Re: Tourist versus traveler?
HI Jo,

I agree with a lot of what you say. Yes, some people who are more indpendent travelers can often have disparaging views of those who prefer the comfort of a tour bus and guide. Although a group tour is not for me as I prefer to mix more with the locals and create my own agenda, like you, I'm happy to see people trying to experience the world in a way that's most comfortable for them. It may not be "enough" for me being too much of a packaged, homogenized experience, but it works for them and they wouldn't do it any other way.

The way you travel and the level of comfort you seek in lodging doesn't make your travel experiences more or less authentic. Not just on this thread, but throughout a number of threads, I detect a form of what I'll call "reverse snobbism" from some who prefer to travel on tight budgets. They criticize others who may want a nicer hotel or an air conditioned room and seem to consider themselves more "real" because of it. Perhaps you've also picked up on this and it's why you've apologized for not being a trekker or a camper?

Have a great time in 'Nam over the holidays. I hope you'll tell us about it on your return. Hanoi was one of my favorite places, so I hope you get to visit there.

Candice NYC