Subject: Re: Tourist versus traveler?

Beverly's comment about her blond hair/blue eyes reminds me of a story of a friend who is a true traveler. She is tall, willowy, blonde & yes, blue-eyed. Her vocation & avocation is translation of songs of the native tribes of remote Papua New Guinea into English, as well as collecting the stories about their history. Most of the people with whom she works are under 4.5 feet tall & quite dark. She spends 3-4 months at a time in a village, speaks the language well & is very comfortable in the village culture.

I asked her once if she felt obvious or out of place in the villages & her response has given me pause for thot more than once: "Oh, no, I blend right in."

Sometimes it's what's on the inside that keeps us feeling separate.

Gail In Eugene but longing for Oz