Subject: Re: Pittsburgh in December
dear bill,

I saw another used bookstore this evening that i had never seen before, on forbes ave. in oakland, near the university of pittsburgh. i can't tell you if it's any good, as it was closed when i went by. i'm sorry, i can't even give you an address as i just saw it out of the corner of my eye, and i won't have time to go back as i'm getting ready to go to israel this sunday.

i think someone already suggested that you visit the nationality rooms in the cathedral of learning, (the main building at pitt). they are now decorated for christmas, each one in the style of their country, and are really interesting.

if from there, you walk west on forbes, towards downtown, the store will be on your right, maybe a 10 minute walk (or less). if you are driving, forbes is one way the wrong way so i would suggest driving towards downtown on fifth, make a left on craft avenue, at the end of the business district, then another left on forbes. it will be a few blocks back, this time on your left. but if you have already parked near pitt, you will be better off leaving the car and walking, as parking is very hard to find in that area.

hope you have a good time in pgh.,

deborah comay pittsburgh and tel aviv