Subject: Cancellation Policies
Hi all,

Does anyone have any experience with the booking and/or cancellation policy of the Chateau & Hotels de France organization? Specifically, I'm trying to determine the amount that they require for a deposit (some percentage or the entire amount?) and what, if any, their fee is if the cancellation happens more than 72 hours in advance.

The Term & Conditions section of their website reads:

"Your booking will become firm and final only after#receipt of your payment#Should a client cancel his/her reservation, the following fees will be due, - A stay of 1-3 nights: any cancellation that occurs less than 72 hours from the expected arrival date, 100% of the amount of the stay#"

I've written to them for clarification but they haven't replied. They have a number of nice hotels on their website in the area where we'll be traveling (the Dordogne in May), and I was hoping to make a number of advance reservations. I'm not planning on making multiple reservations with the intent to cancel later, just to get an idea of how much I'd be risking if something unexpected happens.

I'm also interested in the policies of other rental organizations like Logis de France and Gites de France. I know that Gites de France requires a 25% deposit.

Thanks in advance, Al Sonoma, CA, USA