Subject: Re: Time Shares

Some people love T.S. others (like me) think they are one more real estate "deal" (scam) devised to vastly increase the prices a builder can recieve for a property. The math shows the 3 br unit selling for $670,000 plus over $2000 a month in "maintenance" fees. I am not up on the HH real estate market but this sounds awfully high. You would also need to look into the tax liabilities and benefits of TS ownership. Lastly, if it is such a good deal why do they work so hard to sell them? We met a salseman at a dinner with friends in Maui that tried to convert me to salseman when I exposed all the true facts about the unit he was pitching us. Made me very uneasy. IMHO they are a bad investment. If you can afford to spend the money to rent a condo or stay in a hotel in the destination of your choice why get involved with a TS? I am sure others will have the flipside view.

Regards, David