Subject: Re: Time Shares
Joan, I just did a quick search for condos in HH. For about $540,000 I found amazing waterfront, designer furnished, 2000 sq. ft 3 bd. 2.5 ba. end unit. With a rental office on location. Maint. ( regime) fees $155 per month. There of course would be property tax, but also there would be mortgage interest deduction on your income taxes as well. You could probably finance this at about $2600 a month with little down, and if units really rent at $1600 a week in the area you would be in the positive. A quick search for rental condos in HH showed many locations priced much, much lower than $1600 per week making me wonder if that is a realistic figure.. I would run not walk away from such a great deal on the TS. The "free golf" offer is nice but not if you are paying for it with your maint fees.

Regards, David