Subject: Re: St. Petersburg to Moscow
Hello Ziners,

I have done a number or trips around Russia.

The train between Moscow and St Petersburg is an easy way to get between the cities. Stations are easy to get to. Purchase tickets through a Russian travel agent, unless you want to experience a railway ticket office. I have traveled by air between the cities, the airports are located outside the cities, taxis can be expensive. I have flown with Aeroflot and found no problems, safe as any other airline, maybe not so 10 years ago, Russia has changed.

Taking a cruise on the rivers in Russia is an easy way to see the country. I usually deal directly with the Russian cruise company Orthodox Cruise Line (, they provide service for a number of foreign cruise companies.

For more information about travel to Russia have a look at

My last trip to Russia I started in Constanta in Romania, then stops in Ukraine and then into the Russian river system at Rostov-on-Don, then through to St Petersburg.

For photos of the trip and other photos of Russia see:

I am doing another river on the ship Pirogov, in June, which goes on the Volga and Oka Rivers, not one of the usual tourist trips.

Gary of Victoria