Subject: Re: Cheap flights comparison
Hi Ziners,

As Don has said, Travelzoo has some wonderful deals. They send out an email once a week, on Wednesday, I think, but you have to be taking a flight originating in the U.S. and the flights book FAST, generally by Friday at the latest. I found a wonderful price (500+) on air and hotel for a week in Maui, (wow!) originating from LAX (Los Angeles).

That works for me because I want to go to LA anyway and visit my new and first grandchild, plus take a much needed break, and I've always enjoyed Maui. But, I put off booking it because I didn't know what date I was going, and that trip was booked almost immediately, so when you see something that clicks, you've got to jump on it fast. Best to have all your ducks lined up and then when these deals show up, you're free to take advantage of them.

If anyone knows of a good deal from Los Angeles to anywhere WARM for late December and/or January, I'd love to know. There are often deals from Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) to Los Angeles (for under $300), so that part I'm not worried about.

Shareen, British Columbia