Subject: Munich and Interlaken
Hello Charles,

I went with a friend/coworker (two late 20 something females at the time). We started in Paris and decided to catch the night train to Munich. We were in Munich during Octoberfest and had a great time eventhough neither of us knew a word of German (we both speak a little French). We opted to take a bicycle tour of Munich where we saw the majority of the main sites. I can't remember the name of the pensione (sp) we stayed in; but it was right outside one of the beer gardens (above an addidas store) and a short distance from the Marienplatz. We found everyone to be very pleasant and patient with our pointing and smiling (since all we could really say was "Thank you" in German). I guess I must have looked like a local because people often kept speaking to me in German and all I could say was "Je suis Americaine" ... in completely the wrong language.

We took the train from Munich to Interlaken. There is a tourist aid office in the Munich train station that helped us get our tickets/reservations to Interlaken because our tain pass didn't cover Austria. In Switzerland we mainly focused on the Berner Oberland area. This area is absolutely gorgeous! We stayed in Interlaken and used that as our base to other areas. The most memorable moments were when we rented bikes to ride along the river; took a wrong turn and wound up hiking/biking through some camp ground area ... the locals kept smiling/laughing at us ... we found a boat dock and took the most lovely ride on the river boat (on lake Thun) back to Interlaken. The other memmorable moment was when we took the funicular from I think Lauterbrunnen and at the top we were going to hike to Murren when after a half mile all of a sudden we were surrounded by cows ... slightly unnerving. There's not much to do in Interlaken and things like the grocery store close pretty early; but it was a great base to get to places like the Jungfrau. If you're an outdoor person (or even if you aren't) this is a fun region to visit. If you go to this region don't miss the Piez (sp?) Gloria or the Jungfraujoch (sp?) pricey but the views are fabulous.

Sorry this is so long. Thank you for allowing me to reminisce. If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to help.

Tia Phoenix