Subject: Re: CDG transportation
Hi Janet & Ziners,

How I'm itching to go somewhere...I guess a week back home in Louisiana for the holidays will have to do - though I'm dreaming of Paris! I can't help you with the Jules Verne restaurant as we opted for picnics on the Champs du Mars. No help with souvenirs either as I rarely buy them, instead using my journal, postcards and photographs as my souvenirs. (Maybe I'm cheap but I don't bring back souvenirs to family & friends!)

As for transport from CDG to the city - we took the Air France bus. I forget what we paid but we took it to Monteparnasse and then caught the Metro from there to our hotel on Rue Cler (I know there was an easier way but due to a work stoppage and this being the only bus line running...this was our option unless we took the RER.) As someone already mentioned, there are lots of stairs and sometimes long corridors when transferring on the Metro, though I found it very easy to navigate. The older I get, the lighter I pack!

As for's super easy to get to. The RER literally drops you at the gate - end of the line - can't miss it. There are two parks within walking distance of each other and there was a special the day we went that allowed us to see both in one day. The parks are small by Florida standards but still clean and fun. It's interesting to compare the French version with the US versions. The haunted mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirate of the Caribbean, the arcades down main street, the castle, Space Mountain - all have differences. The Studios were disappointing to didn't seem very park like - no trees. If I returned, I would probably skip it. The Disney Village has lots of restaurants and shops but was extremely crowded after the parks closed. All in all, I enjoyed the visit...a little bit of "Americana" after being in France for a week and a half was nice. (Ironically, I've had trouble stomaching the overcommercialism and expense of Disney here at home...deciding after my last visit that I won't be returning for quite some time. Other places I'd like to visit instead!) I can't speak for how children would enjoy it as we don't have any - but there were plenty of "kid friendly" rides.

Have a wonderful time in Paris... Jennie in very cold Atlanta