Subject: Z I N E Photo Contest
Hi Ziners!

TheTravelzine is pleased to announce a new competition! Carol Bailey has generously donated a wonderful prize, a framed Egyptian papyrus painting, and Steve Tomashefsky has come up with the concept for the contest.

*** First of all though we need Ziners to submit photos. Maximum number of photo submissions per Ziner = 2. Ziners whose photos are used in the contest will receive an automatic 6 points for each photo used, a head start toward winning the contest. To be eligible, the Ziner submitting the photo must correctly name the building or landmark, and the city in which it is located. Deadline for photo submission is midnight in your time zone on Wed., Dec. 29, 2004.

The Competition: Correctly identify as many landmarks or buildings as you can from a set of photos provided for viewing on a web page to be announced.

Each photo in the competition will have a caption indicating the country where the photo was taken.

Points will be awarded for correctly identifying: the building or landmark = 3 points, the city where it is located = 3 points. 6 points for identifying both. Identify as many as you can!

Example: You see a photo of the most famous landmark in France: If you answer "Paris" = 3 points. If you answer "Eiffel Tower" = 3 points. If you answer "Eiffel Tower, Paris" = 6 points.

The Ziner with the highest point total by the contest closing date wins the prize.

Tie-breaker rule: if more than one person ties for the most points, there will be a run-off. The first one to respond correctly by private email to a series of three travel- related questions will win. *** Ziners are invited to submit Q&A's to me for this purpose.

Photo Submission Closing Date: Photos must be submitted by midnight in your time zone on Wed., Dec. 29, 2004, by private email to my email address.

When submitting your photo, please be sure to include YOUR full name and town and country so that I can keep track of who submitted what (and your points)!

Photos received after midnight in your time zone on Wed., Dec. 29, 2004 will not be eligible.

If you are able, please reduce the size of your photos to a manageable size. If this is a problem, please notify me before mailing.

Please submit only your own photos. It is the judges' discretion which of the submitted photos will be used. Decision of the judges is final.

Once the competition photos have been selected, I will follow-up with a contest update including the link to the page where the selected photos are displayed.

If you have any questions please direct them to me via private email.

I am waiting for your photos. On your mark, get set, GO!

Good luck Ziners! Megan in Brisbane, Contest organizer